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hat descargargratissoftwaretoraprogramacionlinealepub fbylki 0. Related Collections. Scratchbook. DescargarGratisSoftwareToraProgramacionLinealepub. Tags: Convertir descargargratissoftwaretoraprogramacionlinealepub fb www wspp fkki 644fda0ac6c870009649a12c. Related Collections. hola-world s821d34b5fb f0fkki. Related Collections. Title. Q: iOS - Not allowing UITextField to be edited / Return key not responding I have a uiview that has a uitextfield as one of the components. This uitextfield will always have newline characters in it because it is prefilled with user information. For the record, newline characters are entered by clicking in the uitextfield and pressing Return. This is programmatically the way it's done. The problem I'm having is that the next view that is displayed is always the same as the next view displayed. If I edit the uitextfield programmatically and start typing and then click on the return key to have the text field focus I get stuck on the line I just typed. If I click the return key when the keyboard is not focused (still) then I can edit the field. As you can see from this screenshot, the text field does not have a background image, and the focus indicator appears black. This is the normal behavior according to Apple's docs, so that's not the problem. The only thing that I can think of is the newlines could cause a "hard" focus on the keyboard, but I don't know if that would explain it. I've tested this on the 4S and 5C and it's happening in both. I'm also using a.xib file for the uiview and a.storyboard file for the uiviewcontroller. If there's something blatantly wrong in the way I've done this that is causing the problem then please let me know. Any help would be greatly appreci