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Markup Assist automatically extracts the footprint or target information from 2D drawings.Easy Profiling:Use the new Profiling tool to create vertical profiles and automatically snap the profile to the drawing’s surface to ensure the profile is captured as part of the drawing.Multi-tasking UI:Navigation in the taskbar has been expanded, with a menu on the left, window on the right, and taskbar in the center. This more streamlined UI can be used in a multi-screen environment.Windows 10 version upgrades:The drawing engine is a lot more than just the AutoCAD application itself. There are numerous Windows components that work in tandem with the application, and upgrading to Windows 10 can sometimes require a significant amount of system changes. Windows 10 version upgrades are required for AutoCAD users who wish to receive regular updates to the software, and the changes have been made to ensure AutoCAD continues to run smoothly and efficiently. This is a joint effort of Autodesk and Microsoft, and we’re pleased to offer the benefits of Windows 10 to all AutoCAD customers.Accelerated tile rendering:Before:After:Using GPU acceleration, rendering tiles in AutoCAD is much faster. There is no impact on CPU performance, and only AutoCAD and the client application need to be updated for this feature to work.Keyboard Shortcuts:A keyboard shortcuts index is now available in the new AutoCAD User Interface, which provides a rich list of frequently used keyboard shortcuts.Assignment panel:The new Assignment panel provides an overview of all assignments currently in the drawing. It lists tasks that have an assignment, and indicates when the assignment is complete.Graphs:Graphs can now be used to quickly and easily create custom tables, including heat maps, charts, and bar and pie graphs.Navigation:The new Navigator is a hybrid of the conventional Navigator and the 3D Navigator. It shows the drawing in two dimensions, with the 3D drawing superimposed on the 2D layout. This new navigator provides smooth drawing, 3D-quality navigation, and the option to switch between the two views.2D and 3D editing:2D editing has been enhanced with a new feature that lets you “touch” an object and define edit parameters on the basis 2be273e24d

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