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Deep Anatolia 

(english Vesrion)

We are part of a land that was home to many civilizations. We are part of a nation that was envied not only for its strategic location, but also for its beauty. Anatolian history was shaped with invasions and conquests from Balkans, the Caucasus and Asia Minor and it witnessed many ‘firsts’ in the world history, on its land to many civilizations. Every corner of this land, where great empires were formed and destroyed, has different emotions.

Anatolia, home to kings and sultans, is the center of the history and we are a part of this history. As Istanbul Aydin University, we are happy and excited to translate this book, in which Anatolia, history, civilization and culture’s center into English and publish it. We are letting the world know of a very valuable work of author Nedim Gursel, who was born in Anatolia and represents us in the world, published by Istanbul Aydin University Press.

Our purpose to translate this book into English, where Nedim Gursel narrated every corner of Anatolia, is to let the whole world know of this land of unmatched beauty. The travel book, which describes Anatolia, center of civilizations, guides us into its real face and stories of its hidden corners. Readers will take on a delightful journey in Anatolia.

Dr. Mustafa AYDIN


About the publisher (IAU International)

Istanbul Aydin University (IAU) has been providing flexible and relevant education to students, giving them both knowledge and opportunities. IAU is one of the best Turkish Universities that improves lives by producing leaders to society need, has programs suitable for and relevant to all life stages. 

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